Four Companies Using AI To Transform The World

Forbes | August 31, 2017

by Casey Hynes

Artificial intelligence is big no matter where you are in the world, and some of the largest companies in Asia are making significant investments in AI technology. But heavy-hitters like Baidu and Alibaba aren't alone.

Startups across the region are exploring the ways in which AI can help people make better decisions, secure themselves against financial risk, learn more effectively, and obtain more accurate disease diagnoses.

Here are four up-and-coming AI companies in Asia to watch.

ADDO AI: The future of farming

CEO Ayesha Khanna believes AI can help Asia’s developing communities -- particularly farmers -- become more resilient against financial disaster

The Singapore-based company launched a pilot program in Lahore, Pakistan aimed at assisting farmers improve their crop yields this summer.  Using historical and real-time data gathered through satellites and hyperspectral imaging, ADDO AI’s team and its partners send planting, harvesting, and crop management recommendations to farmers who have insured their seeds through the program. The goal is to improve outcomes for the farmers and protect their lenders against risks.

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