Sztuczna inteligencja w małej firmie. Jak nie zostać w tyle cyfrowej rewolucji?

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FORSAL.PL | 22nd May, 2019

Artificial intelligence in a small company. How not to be left behind in the digital revolution?

How can the solutions in the field of artificial intelligence help small and medium-sized enterprises from countries such as Poland or other countries in the Central Europe region? What to do to not be behind the digital revolution that changes the face of business? We talk with Ayesha Khanna, the head of Addo.AI.

- With the help of data and artificial intelligence, you can immediately optimize your business. This means that you can automate customer service, production processes. And small and medium-sized businesses are always keen to reduce costs, "says Ayesha Khanna, who is now helping build the future economy in Singapore.

- Secondly, many companies want to have better relationships with clients, and using AI you can personalize them. This improves the company's income and increases customer satisfaction - he adds.

State support is also very important. As our interviewee emphasizes, in Singapore the government is already beginning to subsidize AI services. Certified companies can provide them to smaller companies that do not have access to them.

Keeping up with the digital revolution in business is a great challenge. - The revolution is happening very quickly, to understand it you need to employ at least one, two data analysts (data scientist) and machine learning engineers. Or educate your programmers in the data science and AI areas. Otherwise, we will always stand aside and watch the world go forward.

The head of Addo.AI believes that business people who know how to manage will never be replaced by IT and AI specialists. The 21st century team is a combination of both. Business and technology are learning to collaborate to create new products and services.

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